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Heart Ache

I had a major heart attack on New Year’s day. I subsequently had open-heart surgery. Prior to the heart attack, I believed I was in “good shape”. I went to the gym 4-6 days weekly. I swam, worked out on equipment and weight-lifting; did stretching, yoga and ballet moves in a warm therapy pool to keep my joints loose.

Last August, I started losing weight and did not feel very good. It was a vague sick feeling – nothing I could point to specifically. I stopped going to the gym on a regular basis. Yet, I continued to lose weight.

I was 67 last August and 68 years old at the time of the heart attack. I spent a lifetime walking, in lieu of driving; riding a bike and generally, I was in good shape. Or so I thought.

At the hospital emergency room, I was rushed into “cardiac catheterization”, which failed. The doctor could not get the “wire” through my VERY small artery(ies).

Lo and behold – unknown to me, I had extremely SMALL arteries, somewhat of a birth defect!

Bottom line: if we do not know our weaknesses, we cannot control the future.


Ladies Beware

I recently had a heart attack. The symptoms were easy to attribute to “other” illnesses: i.e stomach issues; flu: etc. I ignored my pain for four days. By the time I went to the ER, I had allowed the heart attack to cause permanent, extensive damage. I was forced to wait two months for my heart to heal before open-heart surgery to replace valve and two by-passes.

Please ladies: heart attack pain can feel like muscle strain (through the shoulders) – pain into the jaw as well as nausea and other symptoms.